Tinn-Silver has been a pioneer and expert in designing and manufacturing solid, versatile aluminium boats for more than two decades. Our main trump card remains our superior welding and perfect finishing. Tinn-Silver boats are excellently suited for fire brigades, marine police and rescue teams and other governmental authorities. However, Tinn-Silver boats also offer top-class performance as fishing boats and recreational boats.

Although Tinn-Silver has designed many standard models in the course of time, we have the knowledge, experience and customer focus that allows us to manufacture aluminium boats that are fully tailored to the specific requirements of every customer. 

Thus as a customer, you have an opportunity to discuss your future boat directly with the boat builder. Our company offers you short lines of communication and direct contact.

Tinn-Silver boats:
  • Are robust and versatile
  • Have superior welding and perfect finishing
  • Are easy to maintain and retain their shape
  • Are built from 4 to 5 mm thick seawater-resistant aluminium
  • Are equipped with a double self-draining bottom
  • Are fully manufactured in our own production hall according to the customer's requirements with the choice of an expansive array of options
The advantages of an aluminium boat
The Tinn-Silver boats up to 6 metres are built with 4 mm seawater-resistant aluminium while the types from 6 metres upwards are built with 5 mm seawater-resistant aluminium. And there are reasons for this. Aluminium is a special metal and is valued for several reasons:


Aluminium has a long lifespan and retains its shape. It is not affected by UV radiation or moisture and cannot rust, rot or warp. Aluminium boats retain their value much longer than boats built with another material. This ensures an optimal price-quality ratio.


For many people, the maintenance of their boat is an annoying but necessary side effect. If you want to take good care of your boat and enjoy it for a long time, good and regular maintenance is important. That is precisely one of the most important advantages of an aluminium boat: it is virtually maintenance-free. Do you need to paint? No, not necessary. Besides a lot of work, it also saves a lot of money. Aluminium gives good resistance to corrosion, a protective oxide layer forms naturally.


It may surprise you because aluminium is a type of metal, but an aluminium boat is relatively light. That makes an aluminium boat not only manoeuvrable in the water, but it also makes aluminium boats easy to trailer and therefore easy to transport. With the same dimensions, an aluminium boat has more speed and uses less fuel with the same propulsion power.


Unlike other common boat building materials such as polyester and wood, aluminium is not flammable. In that respect, an aluminium boat is also a safe boat. Aluminium is also very solid and robust, which means that your boat can certainly take a beating... Aluminium can withstand powerful deformations that cause steel or polyester to crack, whereas aluminium only bends.


There is no accounting for taste. Not every boat lover is equally charmed by aluminium. But with an aluminium boat you buy a boat with a special look. An aluminium boat is certainly not a boat with which you sail unnoticed on the waters and you can often take that as a compliment.


Sustainability and environmental awareness are becoming increasingly important. Aluminium is 100% recyclable and therefore the most sustainable material for boat building. A solid, shape-retaining and durable boat: you don't want to miss that boat, do you?

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